Room 29, "Be The Spark". by Max Sansing

29Rooms Chicago - Turn it Into Art
Lead Designer / Creative Ideation / Art Direction / Artist Curation
​​​​​​​Chicago 2018
In partnership with: Clinique, Samsung USA, Bare Minerals, Netflix, Larabar, White Claw, Planned Parenthood, Plan B
Artist Collaborators: Shani Crowe, Max Sansing, The Era
Creative Team: Albie Hueston, Olivia Fagon, Andrea Valezquez, Jeff Cleveland
Designers: DJ Corney, Dana Otto, Steve Caruso, Claire Thompson, Mark Rakhmanov, John Wilder
Executive Producer: Caroline Kiely
Photos by Stephanie Bassos
29Rooms is an array of experiences under one roof. It's a space for interaction and exploration: a place to dance, paint, think, make new friends, give a damn, it's a tasting menu of contemporary culture built by voices in art, style, activism, and's a visually stunning stage for creative expressionists, an invitation to dream bigger.

Each year, the makers behind Refinery29 collaborate with visionaries, brands, and nonprofit organizations to create an interactive experience that will surprise and delight.
In collaboration with Shani Crowe
Chicago violence has impacted and shaped the lives of many of the people in this city. These two phrases, of honoring and healing, are often privileged to the dead but are just as needed for the living. In this space we invite you to channel both; a throne to represent power, a candle-lit shrine to represent peace. Here take a moment to celebrate the lives of those who’ve passed and reclaim a moment of peace and calm for us, the living
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