Samsung YOUniverse
Lead Designer / Art Director
London / Barcelona / Moscow / Hong Kong / Dubai / Sydney
Refinery29 (White Label)
In partnership with Current Studios & DE-YAN
Creative Director: Albie Alexander
Opening at London's Galaxy Studio pop-up, The YOUniverse took place across eight cities around the world to celebrate the launch of the Galaxy s10 device. We created three custom installations where consumers were invited to power the environments through their biometric data, simultaneously showcasing the S10’s unique features while creating a meaningful & shareable experience.
Using the heart rate monitor on the s10 device, guests witness their biometric data illuminate the space around them, sending heart waves rippling across an infinite field of custom-fabricated fibre optics. The s10 device automatically launches its wide angle camera to capture the luminary horizon. Individual animations merge into one when the room crescendos sonically and visually.
Stepping into a the room, guests are greeted into a stark white, edge lit box of mirrors and encouraged by the s10 device to "use your voice." Triggered by sound, the environment alters dramatically. reacting live to guest's voice, a light show breaks down the walls and translates sound to 3d light animation live, radiating our guest's voices out into an infinite twinkling universe of light. The s10 device's duel aperture camera captures the moment perfectly, automatically adjusting to ambient light.
Ocular OdYssey
Inspired by the Galaxy S10 True Eye feature, photographs of user's eyes captured via the s10 devices are uploaded into the room when guests step in, launching a custom animation that swirls around the space, abstracting and reflecting the image evoking a trip through the cosmos.